Rooms & Apartement in Kötschach-Mauthen

plenty of space to feel good

MODERN – homely –  spacious


Rooms & Apartement

our Rooms & Apartement in Kötschach-Mauthen

Juniorsuite Polinik

30 m² 2 adulti (2 bambini)

Juniorsuite Juckbichl

30 m² 2 adulti (2 bambini)

Juniorsuite Mauthneralm
30 m² 2 adulti (2 bambini)
Juniorsuite Plenge
30 m² 2 adulti (2 bambini)
Juniorsuite Kellerwand
Apparamento "Kötschach-Mauthen"
75 m² 2 camere da letto 2-6 persone

Let’s be honest

What do you really need for a pleasant vacation atmosphere?

generous and spacious rooms to relax in,
a wonderful mountain world,
some activities we love
as well as a good cuisine!

Move in our fresh clean mountain air. Look forward to our regional cuisine and let us spoil you.

Make yourself comfortable in the evening and enjoy the restful and peaceful sleep in the homely ambience. In the morning, experience the fresh clear air, the quiet rush of the Gail River and the magnificent view of the Carinthian nature and mountains.

Start every morning well strengthened into the day!

We spoil our guests every day with a rich breakfast buffet.
Regional and healthy products, homemade bread, ham and cheese from the regional organic butcher or cheese dairy and seasonal ingredients are a matter of course for us!

Zimmer & Ferienwohnung in Kötschach-Mauthen


Zimmer & Ferienwohnung in Kötschach-Mauthen

All this awaits you on your vacation in the Carinthian mountains!


  • Our house is located in the middle of the most beautiful mountains in the Gailtal.
  • Surrounded by fresh wonderful air and pure nature!
  • All rooms are bright and managed as non-smoking rooms.
  • with a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains
  • furnished with natural materials and a lot of attention to detail
  • extensive breakfast buffet with regional and homemade products – the optimal basis for an active vacation day in Carinthia.

Relaxing is important and good,

  • but also the contact with the outside world is not to be neglected.
  • With our free high-speed Internet access you will certainly have no problem.
  • Your car can be parked free of charge at the hotel’s own parking lot.
  • The battery for electric and hybrid cars can be conveniently charged at our charging station.
  • Pets are not allowed

interesting facts

Inclusive services for “Full Enjoyment”.

When your decision to book a Full – Geniuser has been made, some inclusive services will be provided for you.
You don’t have to worry about your coffee with cake, a soup or a salad in the afternoon. This is freely available to you.


welcome drink
rich breakfast buffet with homemade bread and jams
freshly prepared egg dishes
from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. hot soup and crisp salads, homemade cakes
in the evening 4-course a’ la carte choice menu with salad buffet


depending on season from € 70,00
Reduction for children

0-5 years 0,00 children fixed price

6-12 years € 38,00 with breakfast fixed price

13-15 years € 45,00 with breakfast fixed price

Local tax per adult – from 16 years € 2,00

Rich regional breakfast per person € 15,00

Full gourmet ¾ board with afternoon snack and a’la carte menu in the evening per person € 28,00

The prices quoted are valid for stays of 3 nights or more and per person/day (bed and breakfast).

Single room surcharge € 10,00

Short stay surcharge: For a stay of less than 3 nights we charge € 10,00 per person and day.

Children’s prices apply per child/night in the parents’ room. Single person with child? Then you save € 10,00, because the single room surcharge does not apply!


  • We ask you to vacate your room on the day of departure from about 10 am.

  • You can pay your hotel bill with cash, EC card, Visa or Mastercard.

  • With the introduction of a new price list the prices announced now lose their validity.

  • All information without guarantee.

  • Misprints and price changes reserved.
    Status April 2023

    With the introduction of a new price list, the prices announced here lose their validity.
    Misprints and price changes reserved.
    All information without guarantee. Status April 2023

Our carefree package

Dear guests, to make your vacation a safe, but also relaxing vacation, we implement all the necessary safety and hygiene measures in our business.

Hygiene is very important to us: with our, anyway very high hygiene standards, we and our employees adhere exactly to the legal requirements.
You should be able to enjoy your vacation relaxed and carefree.

Respectful interaction with each other is very important in times like these
If everyone is mindful for himself and in dealing with others in the common situations, this vacation time is an enrichment for all.

Travel cancellation insurance

We recommend the conclusion of a Travel cancellation insurance.
With us apply the travel conditions of the Austrian Hotel Regulations

Together for our nature & environment

We in the Gailtal, in the Carnic Alps, have the luck to live
to live in the middle of an untouched mountain world & nature.

However, in order to be able to pass on this happiness to the next generations, we set signs in our business, so that future generations also have the chance to enjoy their vacation in an intact environment and nature.

The topic of sustainability is not an advertising slogan for us, because we have always lived this awareness of nature.

What this means for us, is actually quickly recognizable:

  • 28-30% of our electricity is generated by our photovoltaic system.
  • The remaining electricity comes from 100% hydroelectric power
    For the heat we use a biomass heating. Wood is CO2 neutral
  • Instead of long-distance transported mineral water, we offer you our local spring water, as a sparkling or still refreshing drink.
  • Our guests have the possibility to order the cleaning of the room. You will receive a small reward for it every day.
  • Hand and bath towels in the rooms are changed only upon request, i.e. only the towels lying on the floor or in the shower are changed – to protect our environment!
  • In the kitchen we have been working with induction appliances for years. This means that heat is only generated when the cooking pot is actually on the stove top.
  • The disposal of organic waste and used fats has been our practice for decades. These raw materials are processed into energy and cleaning agents.
  • Almost all of our lights are operated with energy-saving lamps or LED spotlights.
  • Our lights have been replaced by energy saving lamps or LED lamps many years ago.
  • Since we are in our mountain environment, blessed with cool and clear air at night, we also do not need energy-guzzling air conditioners in the rooms.

Regional & seasonal products in the kitchen

Regionality and seasonality has always been a strong concern for us.

  • All our meat such as game, pork, lamb and beef comes from the Gail and Lesachtal and the neighboring East Tyrol. The “Lesachtaler Fleisch” is the professional partner for this. So local meat from local farmers!
  • The turkey and chicken meat comes exclusively from Carinthian farms. Also much of our other food is produced by the local farmer.
  • This includes, for example, eggs from the Wanderstall, Carinthian potatoes, Gailtaler Alm cheese, in summer the salads and vegetables from the vegetable farmer, apples for our strudels, of course also the Lavanttal asparagus or the self-fermented cabbage and homemade jams, the dairy products from Carinthia and much more.
  • Of course, the use of plastic packaging cannot be avoided in the kitchen for hygienic reasons, but we make sure that, if possible, natural materials are used. Such as glass straws or take-away dishes made of recyclable material.
  • At the buffet we do almost completely without portion packs. Only some products, which unfortunately do not allow it otherwise, are offered as portions. Again, to avoid waste.
  • For hygienic reasons, not everything can always be done in an environmentally friendly way, but our suppliers also strive to avoid waste when delivering the goods. By means of hard plastic tubs, recycled cardboard boxes and euro pallets the products are transported in the delivery.

Our producers & suppliers


  Gailtaler Almkäse

Formaggio di Malga – alp-cheese

Rattendorfer Alm Familie Georg ERTL
9640 Würmlach 59 Telefon 0650 5514 080

Rind-, Schweine-, Lamm-, und Wildfleisch Lesachtaler Schinkenspeck

Speck e carne – bacon and meat

Lesachtaler Fleisch vom Markus & Leo Salcher OEG  St. Lorenzen  Tel: 04716 227
Lesachtaler Salami Lesachtaler Fleisch vom Markus & Leo Salcher OEG  St. Lorenzen  Tel: 04716 227 www.lesachtaler-fleisch.at

Gurktaler Luftgetrockneter Speck

Prosciutto crudo del Gurktal –

smoked bacon of Gurktal

Luftgeselchter Speck
Ing. Stefan Seiser Hauptstraße 13, 9341 Straßburg
Tel: 042 66 / 22 25   http://www.luftgeselchter.at

Salate und Gemüse (im Sommer)

Insalate e verdure (nell’estate) –

Salads and vegetables (in summer)

Gemüsefarm Würmlach
Salat- und Gemüsebauer Norbert Kollmitzer
9640 Würmlach 88    Tel: 0650 / 22 34 317

Osttiroler Henkele

Manzo affumicato – smoked beef

Oswald Mühlstätter  9971 Matrei in Osttirol

Tel 04875 6464   www.henkele.at


Äpfel für Strudel und Kuchen

Mele per i dolciapples for strudel and cakes

Ackererhof  Fam. Martin Mattersberger
A-9900 Lienz  Tel.: 04852/69581

Schnäpse und Brände,                  

Grappe, liquori– Spirits 

Schwarzer Brennerei   A – 9900 Lienz/Osttirol
Telefon: 04852 73366    Fax: DW 77   www.schwarzerbrennerei.at/

Putenfleisch und Hühnerfleisch

Carne di pollo e taccino – chicken meat

Hermine WECH „Geflügel vom Bauernhof“
St. Andrä im Lavanttal, Tel. 04358 3122


Crauti della Carinzia – Carinthian sauerkraut

Sauerkraut wird von uns fermentiert

Kraut aus Österreich


Lavanttaler Spargel

Jäger-Markut A-9433 St.Andrä, Höfern 4

Asparagi – asparagus 

Spargel: Tel: 04358/2259 mobil: 0650/2027800
Fax: 04358/4098 Email: office@lavanttalerspargel.at

Kartoffeln, regional

bzw. Österreichisch

Patate – potatoes

OSKAR- Osttiroler Kartoffeln, Kärntner Lieferanten

bzw. österreichische Kartoffeln


Milch und Molkereiprodukte

Prodotti di latte – milk products

Österreichische AMA-Gütesiegelprodukte, vorwiegend von der Kärntnermilch aus Spittal



Kürbiskerne und

Steirisches Kürbiskernöl g.g.A

Olio e semi di zucca – pumpkin oil and seeds

Familie Ottenbacher, Mureck/Steiermark


Uova – eggs

Freilandhaltung im Wanderstall

Familie Wassertheurer aus Nölbling