honest – regional
down-to-earth – homemade
handmade – good




s’ Gschäft at the inn

finest regional specialties as well as
home cooking and homemade


  • Prepared with mainly regional products and quickly heated in the pot or in the microwave.
  • Perfect not only as a snack so in between, but as an evening or lunch, or as a catering at your work!
hausgemachte Kärntner Nudel
Ambilini Cafè
Ambilini Cafè –
also available from us
hausgemachtes aus dem „Glas’l“
hausgemachte Kräutersirupe

Specialties from the frozen or from the jar

With our label “PFEFFERMÜHLE KOCHT ein,” the specialties of our inn are prepared in house according to traditional recipes.

The regionality of the products and the traditionality of the dishes are very important to us!

These are precisely the dishes that are also served to our guests in the “Wirtshaus Pfeffermühle”.

Specialties in a jar

Our tavern cuisine in a glass, for you at home. Whether a Carinthian Ritschert, a Kalbsbeuschl or a beef soup – these are just some of our glass dishes.
Quickly and conveniently prepared at home. A regional, homemade dish

Specialties target frozen

Home cooking such as Carinthian ravioli with various fillings, bacon, cheese or liver dumplings and various meat dishes. If you want it to go fast and still be well cooked – we certainly have the right dish for your table.

Beverage specialties

You can enjoy our homemade herbal lemonades and special liqueurs not only in our restaurant, but also at home.
Whether meadow sage, mint, pine, basil, elderflower, rock pear, chokeberry, quince or lemon balm. We make special specialties out of it. Wonderfully refreshing or fruity-liquorous – really something for every taste.

Our 100% homemade dishes in a jar or as a frozen dish are

?  free from any additives!

?  without preservatives!

?  without flavor enhancers!

?  without colorants!

Restaurant Pfeffermühle gut essen in Kötschach-Mauthen

fast – good – healthy

“Quick and good” cooking at home

Ideal for those who want to cook a homemade meal quickly and well without much effort.
You may still have to take care of the side dish, but there too we have something suitable for you.

our frozen specialties

further specialties from the region

available in the shop


very special and valuable regional domestic products
from our producers & suppliers


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